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At SBBG, we maintain relationships with a host of strategic partners whose expertise we call on as needed.

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TRACY IRWIN, MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTant (https://www.tiaccountancy.co.uk/)

Tracy Irwin is the founder and director of TI Accountancy Limited, a well-established multi award winning Bookkeeping and Accountancy Practice in Cumbria. She is an experienced accountant in both industry and in practice.  

She has systemised the entire customer journey within TI Accountancy enabling her to let go of the day to day running of the company.  This gives her time to focus on helping you find peace of mind and financial stability. She is expert at immediately diagnosing problems in your company’s accounting - and coming up with just the right remedy.

She will support your business by helping you manage your cash flow while avoiding overspending. No more living cheque to cheque, reeling from solving one panic situation to another. No more managing your business using bank balance accounting. You will have a  clear picture of the financial state of your business, and know exactly what you must do. She will demonstrate the small reductions in expenses which will create the biggest positive impact in your business.

Tracy’s passion for management accounts means she goes beyond the usual metrics typically bandied about to help you really understand what numbers your company needs to become commercially attractive.

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ED PEARSON, MARKETER (http://idealresult.co.uk/)

We're marketers, we create customers, we make money.

Ed has a track record in running businesses, corporate turnaround and cutting through the fog of business noise to create profit. Over the years he and his team have created thousands of customers, sold millions of pounds of products and services and worked with businesses in hundreds of sectors.

Combining strategic sense along with a thing or two that really works tactically plus a handful of switched-on marketing contacts that aren't ordinarily easy to get access to, there are a host of simple steps that create profitable returns quickly to bring effortless revenue into any business venture.