Your Business Is Distressed

Enough’s Enough! The way you think about or interact with your business has changed for some of the following reasons:


Simply put, you have had enough. You have done this too long. You don’t see the business with as much clarity and excitement as you once did. After years of never-ending grind, you are fatigued and somewhat frustrated. Each new day at work weakens, instead of energizes you. You feel you have lost your mojo and the business now bores you.

Change in the business environment

It is a whole new world from that in which you not only started but grew the business. Everything has changed, and not always for the better. There are now many more challenges than ever, both internal and external. The internet. Social media. Customer behaviour and expectations. Staffing concerns. Security concerns. Politics. Changing tax laws. Competition. Those things that just worked in the past no longer do. You are unsure of what to do or how to improve things.

Business is now too difficult

A logical extension of the changing business landscape is the increasing difficulties you face running the business on a daily basis. The business is struggling with cash flow. Your customers are paying late or not at all. You have great difficulty meeting monthly salaries, paying your suppliers and paying taxes. Your bankers are threatening to call in loans and overdraft facilities. As the business owner, you have been forced to leverage your personal assets and sign personal guarantees to keep the business afloat. Your business is officially distressed, possibly insolvent. The stress level is sky-high and you are literally at breaking point.

Unable to sell the business

You have reached out in as many ways as possible but have been unable to sell your business. The obstacles are just too high. Also, your business is not properly packaged to attract buyers or investors.

Your Preferred Outcome - Make This All Go Away

These are dire circumstances. If you are truly open to finding a solution, SBBG Private Investors Ltd will work to take all this out of your hands. Most importantly, we will close the deal with you QUICKLY - possibly as quick as 24 - 48 hours. We are not a large corporation. We do not require multiple meetings, permissions, committees and shareholders to reach a decision, and act on it.

These problems will no longer be yours to worry about. They become our problems to solve.

The first step in making this happen is to contact us.