There are personal reasons which may take the decision to exit the business off your hands. These include:

You want to retire

You are extremely passionate about this business. Over many years, you have given blood, sweat, tears, and dedication to this business. Truth be told, you might even be experiencing difficulty keeping up with the demands of the business. A lifestyle change is just what the doctor ordered. You have now decided it is time for you to retire. You now plan to spend more time with your loved ones, (finally) take up golfing, travel, or just stay longer in bed without the ever-present guilt you are neglecting the business.

You have no succession plan

You always knew the day would come. However, for a variety of reasons you don’t have a succession plan. Perhaps your kids are not interested in taking over. Perhaps you are the end of the line in your family tree. You have not prepared or groomed anyone in the business to take over from you. The point is there is no one to take over the business in an orderly way after you leave. You stand to see your life’s work potentially destroyed and your legacy tarnished.

You must deal with family matters

There are significant events that have just occurred in your life which may force you to sell your business. Have you just recently divorced? If so, does the divorce settlement necessarily dictate sharing all assets? This would clearly require a sale of the business. Have you, your spouse, or other loved one been recently diagnosed with a debilitating illness? This would require possibly permanent time away from the business to care for this person. Have you decided to relocate to another city or country? This would also require permanent time away. Do you have siblings with different interests forcing the sale?

You want to cash out

You have given to or “invested in” the business over many years. Now you are ready to for payback, your return on investment or ROI. You want a lump sum to fund your post-retirement lifestyle - and this is your only source.

You want new cash

You have identified and solved as many of the problems in the business as you can. You have taken the business as far as you can. This is as far as you can go without injecting new cash. You know you can move the business to higher levels and achieve so much more if you can raise some new investment.

Your Preferred Outcome - Immediate Sale Or Cash Infusion

You would like to sell the business for a price and terms that meet the expectations of your future lifestyle. You want enough so you can properly deal with whatever issues motivated you to start the process in the first place. Alternatively, you want to an immediate infusion of the cash you know will improve the company’s fortunes.

At SBBG Private Investors Ltd, we understand. We will do whatever is necessary to help you meet your personal obligations and motivations. We will place the cash in your hands so you can get started with your new life, leaving your business in safe hands. If new investment is what you need, we will invest in your business.

Why don’t you reach out to us? Let’s discuss what you want over a cup of overpriced coffee.